DRY, SAFE & CLEAN - Oker Chemie mission-statement
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Mission statement of Oker-Chemie GmbH

Traditional values in dealing with customers and staff, linked with progressive thinking and action in view of continuous technology development are the main strategy components of the management. Our goal is the long- term satisfied customer, his success and thus the success of OC with his employees.

Quality claim Quality is the basis of all our actions and is guided through the strict principles of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Every staff member has to work and act upon the “zero fault philosophy”.

Customer satisfaction Our utmost aim is to win and keep satisfied customers. Our customers appreciate our unconventional solutions and our flexibility – these two characteristics have to be developed further. To achieve customer satisfaction we need faultless products, delivery dates on schedule as well as competence and friendliness in dealing with our customers.

Continuous improvement process (KVP) It is essential for us to guarantee a high quality despite of constantly changing frame conditions. Therefore we must monitor ourselves and our processes continuously to adapt to the changing demands.

Leadership competence Management and department heads formulate quality targets and support the employees in their implementation. They support and motivate as an example and determine further training needs. OC needs qualified staff, state-of-the-art technology and appropriate funds to insure production processes for high-quality products and services. The management provides these resources within the frame of their budget planning.

Working safety Health protection of our employees is the utmost principle. Compliance and monitoring of legal requirements are self-evident for us. Besides, each employee is encouraged to carry own responsibility for the safety at his working space. Everybody is required to contribute to orderliness und cleanliness in the place of work.

Sustainability We want to sustainably protect our environment in order to make our contribution to its preservation. In addition we use energy and resources economically and work constantly on improvements to uncover possible savings in dealing with energy sources and avoiding of waste.

We are responsible for the quality of our work performed. Our mission statement is the basis for each OC employee.