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Treating gases, vapours and liquids: adsorbing them reversibly, separating them selectively, and cleaning and drying them. At Oker-Chemie, crystalline, highly porous molecular sieves are available in two different forms: the OBRA 3Å-molecular sieve containing potassium aluminosilicate and the OBRA 4Å-molecular sieve made of sodium aluminosilicate. Their special crystal lattice contains absolutely identical, spherical cavities that enable gases, vapours and liquids to be reversibly absorbed or selectively separated. The cavities are inter-connected by channels with pores sized 3 to 4Å. High adsorption bonding results from a large internal surface area of 600-700m2 /g as well as from the polar properties of the sieve structure. Functioning as a filter, the lattice will only let molecules pass through that are smaller than the pores.
OBRA molecular sieves remove traces of impurities in gases, vapours and liquids and help to achieve high degrees of purity as well as very low dewpoints. They are essential for producing insulating glass and removing water from coolants. A decisive feature is their high adsorption capacity at higher temperatures up to 60 °C.
Their beaded form (standard grain size is 0.7 to 2.0 mm) guarantees high crush strength, low wear and low flow resistance. OBRA molecular sieves are available in units of 25 kg, 125 kg and 600 kg (only 3Å).

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