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SIOGEL® is produced in granular and beaded forms and is available in small-porous or wide-porous version. It is used in the (petro) chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as in the end consumer sector, for static and dynamic dehumidification or as a catalyst carrier.
In beaded shape, silica gel is particularly suitable for dynamic adsorption processes because of its high abrasion resistance, low pressure drop and high crushing strength. Wide-porous silica gel can adsorb approximately 90 to 100% of its own weight in water.
As a result of our own screening processes, grain size can vary and therefore be adjusted to suit customer requirements and intended applications. Finer grain size is the preferred option for protecting pharmaceutical products or dietary supplements against humidity, while the coarser one is used for drying industrial or natural gases.
SIOGEL® from Oker-Chemie is typically subject to special quality checks, is dedusted and free from metallic impurities. SIOGEL® is available in 25 kg cartons, 125 kg steel drums and big bags of up to 850 kg.


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