The clever protection against moisture when using, storing and transporting valuable goods.

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relative humidity

Ecofriendly and non-toxic

The obvious color change of the non-toxic inorganic indicator allows a quick, uncomplicated determination of the degree of saturation and gives the user a clear signal when replacement or regeneration is necessary.


Sorbsil®Chameleon® can be regenerated up to 30 times by the user after it is saturated. This innovative and ecologically harmless desiccant not only contributes to sustainability, but also to the conservation of operational resources.

Quality, Made in Germany

The multi-stage quality control in our own laboratory enables continuous and strict monitoring of the ongoing manufacturing process. In this way we ensure compliance with all specified parameters and allow our clients to operate with high levels of confidence in their own processes.

For food and pharma

Sorbsil®Chameleon® is the preferred choice for reducing moisture in food production and processing as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. It also is highly effective in other industrial applications which require removal of mositure from gas streams, such as the protection of transformer oils. It complies with FCC regulations and is registered under REACH.

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Product description

SORBSIL® CHAMELEON® silica gel is a synthetic amorphous form of silicon dioxide, treated with an inorganic indicating compound which is not classified as hazardous. Due to its large inner surface area of approx. 800 m²/g the material exhibits a high rate of adsorption for water vapour. SORBSIL® CHAMELEON® changes color from deep orange to nearly white as it adsorbs water vapour, allowing the user to determine when it needs replacing.


The adsorption capacity of SORBSIL® CHAMELEON® silica gel is unmatched. Combined with low residual moisture, this ensures that the product is in the highest state of activity when received by the customer. The indicating properties in combination with its high adsorptive capacity removes the risk of contamination or mould growth thus considerably reducing costs due to product damage or loss. SORBSIL® CHAMELEON® desiccant retains its fre-flowing granular form, even when fully saturated. The material is suitable for multiple regeneration processes at 140 °C and is therefore very economic in use.


Moisture loss

max. 2.0%

Adsorption capacity

at 20% rel. humidity

min. 10.0%

at 40% rel. humidity

min. 19.0%

at 50% rel. humidity

min. 23.0%

Bulk density

approx. 700 g/l

Standard Grain Size

0.2 – 1.0 mm

0.7 – 1.5 mm

1.0 – 3.15 mm

2.0 – 6.0 mm


SiO2. n (H2O) (amorphous silicon dioxide)


7631 – 86 – 9 (silica)

7783 – 83 – 7 (ferric ammonium sulphate)

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