Oker-Chemie: Your partner for desiccants and customer-focused solutions in industrial process chains.

Oker-Chemie produces and distributes special chemicals for a broad range of applications in industrial and artisanal manufacturing, in the packaging and transport sector as well as in the operation of a wide variety of technical systems.

Oker-Chemie provides solutions that protect products and processes against humidity and help to treat water.

Oker-Chemie sees itself as a flexible and strategic partner to customers from different industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, chemicals as well as food and packaging.

Tradition and innovation: Oker-Chemie was newly founded in 2000 following a management buy-out by Bernd-Dieter Kind and Detlef K├╝hling who, at that time, belonged to the management of the Chemische Fabriken Oker und Braunschweig AG founded in 1871. Driven by technological advances, ever-changing customer requirements and its commitment to optimum quality, to reliable, flexible and fast service at all times, the company has developed an outstanding reputation worldwide through constant process development ever since.

A comprehensive portfolio: Based in Goslar, the company is conveniently located at the heart of Europe. From this location, global logistics chains are controlled, raw materials imported, products exported and distributed. High availability and optimum product quality are guaranteed by maintaining large warehouses alongside our own processing and packaging systems.

Quality and responsibility: Oker-Chemie’s management and staff are committed to a corporate vision that combines progressive, responsible and sustainable thinking and action with the highest quality standards and maximum customer orientation.




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