Mission statement of Oker-Chemie GmbH

Interacting as equals

Committed and respectful, appreciative and cooperative – this applies to our collaboration among ourselves as well as to our interactions with our customers and market partners. We promote and support each other to achieve our goals and to further expand our position in the market.

Together into the future

We are confident – only together can we continuously evolve to be a reliable partner for our competitors and employees. Our success makes us future-proof, securing jobs and our location in the beautiful region of Goslar.

Moving forward together

Our customers appreciate our flexibility and unconventional problem-solving approaches. The consistently high quality of our products and services significantly contributes to customer satisfaction. We act sustainably and consciously.

In the Team for Quality

The trusting collaboration with customers and business partners, along with the long-standing experience and expertise of our employees, form the foundation of our work. We learn daily from and for our customers and engage in continuous self-reflection.




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