A practical, environmentally friendly solution against moisture damage in packaged goods.

OBRA desiccant bags protect products against corrosion, mould growth and other damage caused by moisture. Technical and electronic parts, devices and machines, as well as highly-sensitive optical, medical instruments and apparatus in particular, can be packed, stored and transported in a moisture-proof manner. Other applications are used to protect chemical and pharmaceutical products, food, textiles, leather articles, plastic granules and countless other goods.

OBRA desiccant bags contain chemically inert, environmentally friendly, odourless granules (SIOGEL® or desiccant clay), which attract humidity from the surrounding air and adsorb it. Their main advantages are easy handling and disposal, unlimited applicability, plus the fact that packaged goods do not have to be depreserved.

Desiccant bags from Oker-Chemie are made of kraft paper, polypropylene non-woven fabric, spun-bonded polyethylene (TYVEK®) or white paper tissue and contain desiccant units according to DIN 55473. OBRA desiccant bags are regularly tested and certified by DIN CERTCO. Their application is specified in DIN 55474.

OBRA-Desiccant Bags

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